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30 June 2007 @ 04:44 pm


if you like my icons add my icon journal: ruthlessicons

thank you very much. (:
15 April 2007 @ 11:45 am
well i made myself a new livejournal because i didnt like this username anymore. so im not going to be posting in this one anymore, so add my new one :D

ohsosqueamishh ohsosqueamishh ohsosqueamishh
well i spent three hours of my life redoing my myspace and i am still not pleased with it. oh why do you have to be so complicated html ? i cant find a good picture of anything to put in my about me, and i think i need more cause it looks kinda plain and boring. but anyway im watching spongebob ! wooo yeah ! yeah im actually in a good mood & kinda hyper , which is a good thing :D and i just totally forgot what i was going to say .. hmmm .. well i forgot so im just gonna tell you something else. k sometime in the near future maybe next week im gonna start making some 'the ghost of you' and 'welcome to the black parade' music video icons. then after that i wanna make some 'famous last words' and 'im not okay' icons. so maybe ill have a big my chemical romance music video icon post ? which will probably be sometime after i see them live in 2 weeks :D :D so yeah i guess i wont post them until after i see them on the 29th. OH ! i remember what i was gonna say before :p okay so tomorrow night were supposed to get this big nor'easter storm. WHY !? no we cant get anymore snow, we dont need school canceled and another day added in june :( and i need it to be nice and warm for the MCR show! its not a pretty thing standing outside in line for a show when there is snow on the ground and its like 30 below zero! esp. when ill be in line for almost 6 hours. trust me back in 2005 when i went to see october fall @ the scranton cultural center i waited in line for 4 hours outside and it was FREEEEZING. but it was worth it cause at that show i got barrier & i got to meet them :D well im hungry so im gonna go eat something. have a good weekend :)

oh and you know what i just noticed ? basically all of my entry titles are either gerard way quotes or quotes from an MCR song :D
12 April 2007 @ 04:18 pm
my MCR tickets came today !! im sooo excited, only 17 days left ! :D i wanted to buy a lot of merch though and im probably not gonna be able to do that now thanks to lakeland high school. we had a class meeting today and got all the information to order our class rings & a $50 deposit is due on april 23rd and it made me pretty mad. cause that is why im not going to semi this year ..which is next weekend.. because i wanted to save money so i could buy a lot at the show, lakeland just likes to ruin my life.
09 April 2007 @ 12:00 am
happy birthday gee !!! you deserve a great one!

well i just got back from the mall and my mom told me i could spend $50 in pacsun but i kinda went a little over and spent $120.  :D its not my fault i love that store.  but anyway easter is tomorrow and i kinda excited cause im not just getting candy this year! ill tell ya how i know this. well yesterday it was cold so i went into my mom and dads closet to get my dads penn state hoodie cause its nice and warm, and i saw a hot topic bag in the corner and i know my mom doesnt shop at hot topic unless i drag her in there. so i peeked in it and i saw a my chemical romance shirt & hoodie, and an fye bag & in the fye bag was life on the murder scene , which ive been begging for since it came out last year, so im prettttyyy excited for easter :D

also i have a new layout thanks to minty_peach & the header is by moi (:
05 April 2007 @ 08:53 pm
035 my chemical romance icons
007 mcr wallpapers
004 mcr headers/banners


now come one come all to this tragic affairCollapse )

well im in school right now and im in rosies class woo and were watching youtube videos on his big screen thing :p we just got back from the talent show a little while ago and it was thee best ever. seriously our school doesnt take this seriously so they just get up there and do stupid crap & its the best . three kids from the senior class went up with this exact music and dance moves and they did what this guy did *the video isnt of them its of the comedian who came up with all of it*

this is the evolution of danceCollapse )